Artists On Albums: AOA#34 (Yo La Tengo’s James McNew on Seizure)

James McNew (Yo La Tengo and Dump) on… Chris Knox’s Seizure (Flying Nun Europe, 1989) In the late 80s, Homestead Records released domestic versions of several records originally issued on the Flying Nun label from New Zealand.  It was the way I (and lots of people) first heard The Clean, The Chills, The Verlaines, and the Tall Dwarfs. I … [Read more...]

Interview with Princess Chelsea

Hello Princess Chelsea – Your debut album Lil’ Golden Book in on the New Zealand label Lil Chief Records and is out in the U.S. on September 6th. Has it been released already in other countries or online? At the moment those are the two official release dates. However, fans from other countries can purchase the album online direct from Lil' … [Read more...]

Princess Chelsea – “The Cigarette Duet” video

A poker-faced Princess Chelsea and guest vocalist Jonathan Bree of The Brunettes remain coolly impassive throughout “The Cigarette Duet” as they sit rather stiffly side by side in a wood-paneled sauna, their sunglasses obscuring any inner reflection.  A half-immersed guitar slowly glides by with apéritifs perched on its surface and Princess Chelsea … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Two Singles and One Full Length

Amy Denio - Tutto Bene: Canzoni Sulla Fisa Spoot Music An album of accordion music? You betcha! This gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Seattle, WA has more than 43 CDs to her credit. She tours with gypsy-core band Kultur Shock and collaborates with many others. Twenty tracks of accordion music … [Read more...]

Various artists contribute to Chris Knox tribute album

Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox available via digital download now! On June 11, 2009, musician Chris Knox suffered a life-altering stroke at his home in Grey Lynn, New Zealand. Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox is a celebration of Chris and his music. He was instrumental in bringing New Zealand punk and alternative music to international audiences with … [Read more...]