Antietam – Intimations Of Immortality

A lot has changed in the world since Antietam last put out an album in 2011.  Yet like close comrades Eleventh Dream Day, the continued existence of the group - which originally formed way back in 1984 - is a source of comfort and a good example of sustainable longevity.  Also like the part-time EDD, latter-day ‘whenever it’s ready’ release … [Read more...]

MakeWar – self-titled

By reveling in sentimentality and shamelessly flirting with regret, MakeWar's breakup-inspired self-titled LP briefly finds the sound of resilience. The find is more than a happy accident  - MakeWar commits to making this moment. Second track - "Just Listen To The Songs" - petitions, "Listen to the songs when you get some time / The songs will … [Read more...]

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light – Self-titled

The members of Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! dragged themselves from their native New York to the other side of the country in LA to record their self-titled full-length album with John Fields, producer of artists the likes of P!nk, Switchfoot and The Presets, and the result is a polished record full of dance worthy hooks. "I Sold My Soul", a … [Read more...]

Interview with New Politicians

Heya Renal, Gian, Winston, and Chris!  It’s so cool to have this opportunity to ask you all a bunch of questions about your post-punk sound, new EP Drag A City, and how your musical future is shaping up.  How is everything going for you right now? Hey Jen, we’re excited for the opportunity as well. Everything is going well in our camp. We’ve … [Read more...]

Chelsea Light Moving – Chelsea Light Moving

Recognize the names, “Reena”, “Sacred Trickster”?  How about, “Teenage Riot”?  These are either foreign entities and don’t concern your musical palate vocabulary whatsoever, or perhaps they excite enormously and spark the very madness of why you started listening to music in the first place.  They are of course, “the hits”, if you will, for the … [Read more...]

Efterklang at the Bowery Ballroom, NY 3/23/13

As a farewell to winter, New York's Bowery Ballroom hosted the unique melancholic space pop of Efterklang. Having wowed NY in September at the Metropolitan Museum of Art performing alongside the Wordless Orchestra, the city was clearly ready for another fix. Performing with a lineup featuring childhood friends; Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and … [Read more...]

Worst Case Ontario – Smallcraft EP

Do you miss rock from the early to mid 90s? If so, New York's own Worst Case Ontario might be your new best friend. It almost makes me want to find an old flannel and some combat boots. Almost. The band's approach is pretty standard - two guitars, bass, drums, vocals - throw 'em in a room together and see what happens. There's plenty of chugging … [Read more...]

Artists-on-Albums: AOA # 7 (Mark Lesseraux on the “Ambient Paradox” with a Review of Avec Laudenum)

Mark Lesseraux on… "The Ambient Paradox" with Stars of the Lid’s Avec Laudenum (Sub Rosa, 1999/Kranky, 2002) In the early 1970s music critic Richard Williams wrote a now infamous review of a John Lennon and Yoko Ono album. The lion’s share of the piece focused on the “experimental” side two of the record. What Williams was not aware … [Read more...]

The Citizens – Lightheaded EP

It's been a few years since New York's The Citizens released Post Cro-Magnon Drift and the band starts 2010 triumphantly with this solid EP called Lightheaded. The group apparently recorded the basic tracks live in a Brooklyn basement and the result is five engaging tunes that seem perfectly suited for summer nights spent drinking wine - at least … [Read more...]

Free EP Download from The Cloud I’m Under

The Cloud I’m Under is a New York based musician and producer. A lyric from the Ben Lee/Evan Dando song "All My Life" was the inspiration for TCIU’s name.  His sound combines elements of power pop, low era Bowie and lofi electro. There's More To Life Than Indie Rock N Roll is the latest 5 song Ep from The Cloud I'm Under. The title is inspired … [Read more...]