Product Review – MiCorder

Olens Technology out of California has the great new product called the MiCorder. It's a palm-sized personal recorder that converts any stereo output to mp3. Although so much music is available digitally these days, the MiCorder is an inexpensive way to solve the problem of converting vinyl or tape to digital format without the need for a … [Read more...]

Little Beirut – “Last Light”

With "Last Light", Little Beirut are able to capture the sweetness of Fire Theft and blend it with the off-time masterpiece "Wordless Chorus" by My Morning Jacket. Little Beirut round it out and bring in a fresh and new rock element. The packaging alone makes you wonder what this four piece (three on Fear Of Heaven) is all about - it's as clean and … [Read more...]

Simple – “Signs in the Sky”

Simple, also known as "A simple band" hail from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Their latest EP was recorded live for the local college radio station WKNC, North Carolina. The trio represents an eclectic style of  punk-pop, grunge, and indie that is raw in nature, upbeat, and overall fun. This can all be found in the single "Signs in the Sky." The … [Read more...]

BUSSES – “Stationary”

Coming straight out of Philly, the three-piece band BUSSES released their self-titled album July 27th. The single "Stationary" encompasses an array of influences and styles that reflect a rather unique sound. These eclectic influences include 60's/70's classic rock, jazz, prog rock and punk. What makes this single truly special is the use … [Read more...]

Single from Josh Rouse’s upcoming album

Josh Rouse's Sun-Kissed New Album 'El Turista' (Yep Roc/March 9) Inspired by Legendary Cuban Cabaret Star Download "I Will Live on Islands," recently featured as Spinner's Free MP3 of the Day, here: On Josh Rouse's new Mediterranean idyll of an album, 'El Turista' (Yep Roc, March 9), he sings a Cuban lullaby called … [Read more...]

Single from Soundpool’s upcoming album

Genre-bending NY-based 5-piece make their Killer Pimp debut with a limited 7" single on Jan. 26th: "But It's So" (single edit) "Makes No Sense" "But It's So" Classic pop songwriting fused with hard driving disco backbeats... hooky bass lines... layered, shoegazey guitars and … [Read more...]

Jack Rose – Free MP3 Download

On the 15th February Thrill Jockey will release Luck in the Valley by Jack Rose. Rose, who passed away suddenly at home in Philadelphia on December 5 at the all too young age of 38, was a masterful guitarist, who was considered instrumental in bringing ragtime into the modern era and transforming it into something that was both referential and … [Read more...]

New album from Marc Nguyen Tan of Colder

Marc Nguyen Tan (of Colder) breaks his silence on January 26th with Scratoa! debut. Listen to "Part 5": Live en San Antón is the result of a three day session of improvised music committed by Marc Nguyen and Guillaume Ollendorff recorded in the barrio San Antón, in the southern … [Read more...]

The J. Davis Trio mixes jazz and hip-hop on 3rd album

Stalwarts of the Chicago music scene, The J. Davis Trio’s latest album, These Things Happen, features their ever evolving blend of hip hop and garage-jazz with big beats. The band is known for their crisp performances and has shared stages with The Roots, M’shelle N’degleocello, Ozomatli, Reuben Wilson, De La Soul, Maceo Parker, Norah Jones, Groove … [Read more...]

New single from Virginia’s Ceremony

Before A Place To Bury Strangers there was Skywave, a 3-piece band from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Ollie left to move to NYC and formed APTBS but John and Paul stayed behind and continued on under the name of Ceremony. While there's no doubt comparisons to APTBS will be made (they remain good friends and were in the same band, after all), … [Read more...]