The Marches – Director of Photography EP

Word has it that The Marches – directed with flare by saxophonist/songwriter Richard Conti – are planning to drop a new LP sometime in early 2012.  To tide everyone over until that date arrives, the band is releasing Director of Photography, an EP that all but abandons the retro Motown sound they so skillfully cultivated on 4a.m. is the New … [Read more...]

The Marches – Good With Words Compilation

The Marches quickly made a name for themselves with their 2008 debut (4a.m. is the New Midnight), a dark yet vivacious labyrinth of Motown horns, hip-hop grooves, and electronic quirkiness. Having gained some notoriety for their unorthodox mashups, the LA-based outfit was recently tapped to contribute a track to a new compilation, Good With Words: … [Read more...]

Michael Jackson: A Retrospective Look into the Life of an Amazing Musician

Finding the words to praise him are hard to come by - especially when the proof lies in his body of work. Listing off his awards and merits feels too easy, but it goes without saying that he accomplished every last thing he set his heart on. And trying to locate a proper place to start feels nearly impossible because who knows where he actually … [Read more...]