Making Movies – In Deo Speramus

The intriguing Panama-via-Kansas City vibe promised by Making Movies' (or to be more precise, guitarist/vocalist Enrique Javier Chi's) South American roots surfaces sporadically on their debut In Deo Speramus, in a bunch of songs that are foremost worthy for their strong melody and dynamics, with or without a deeper trans-cultural … [Read more...]

Interview with Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray’s new album, Lights Out Zoltar!, is out now in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on Bronzerat Records and has a release date of September 7, 2009 for the U.K. and October 27 in the U.S.. Delusions of Adequacy:  Hi Gemma!  You’ve posted 3 songs off of Lights Out Zoltar! at your MySpace site at  How … [Read more...]