The Saddest Landscape – You will Not Survive

Whether you are slowly making your way through Thomas Pynchon’s convoluted opus, Gravity’s Rainbow or you are marveling at Salvador Dali’s Freudian mindscape, The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory the universal goal behind these two works is singular and it is this; art should always challenge its audience to step outside the comfort zone … [Read more...]

Sophie Hutchings – Becalmed

Appearances, as we all know, can sometimes be deceiving.  Take for instance, Becalmed, a collection of piano-based instrumentals from Syndey, Australia’s Sophie Hutchings.  Heralded as a musician who excels at songwriting that ranges from meditative to epic, one might expect the sort of ambient listening experience that dips into Eno-esque … [Read more...]

Animal Hospital – Memory

How would you approach the creation of a collection of songs named after memory, our central mental storage process which serves as the substance of our intelligence? Would the songs be representations of memories using familiar sounds, perhaps set in some sort of linear chronology? Would the music try to convey the mechanics of different types of … [Read more...]