Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 EP

Nedry – In A Dim Light Monotreme Records Nedry is back with its 2nd album and it’s a stripped down, subdued affair compared to stunning debut Condors.  Both sonic intensity and vocal angst are dialed down as the band steps away from its earlier electro-rock, dubstep sound.  Ayu Okakita’s previously airy, keening … [Read more...]

Interview with Chris and Matt of Nedry

Hello Chris and Matt!  I can’t get enough of your debut album Condors which I reviewed here a while back.  I really enjoy the contrasting dynamics of your songs where some have a slow-pulling tension or easy-going, calm vibe and others are ramped up with guitar, keyboard, and drum turbulence.  Sometimes this even occurs all in one song (“Scattered” … [Read more...]


It’s a daunting task to approach a band’s overtly-proclaimed concept album for a casual spin when it’s meant to be listened to for deep layers of meaning.  Such is the case for the second album by Italian band N.A.M.B. (the band says that what the acronym stands for varies, but “Noise And Music Bombshell” could be appropriate). To quote the … [Read more...]

Nedry – Condors

The future of electronic rock is happening now in the form of Nedry, a London, England-based trio of Ayu Okakita (vocals, percussion), Matt Parker (guitar, keyboard), and Chris Amblin (guitar, keyboard).  The band’s debut album, the accomplished and aurally-arresting Condors, is a restless, richly-detailed amalgam of intricate, glitchy electronic … [Read more...]

Italian band N.A.M.B. announces US debut of concept album

Amid a wealth of praise overseas, the mysterious Italian quartet N.A.M.B. announces the stateside release of its second album, BMAN in February 2010. The album will be issued via UK label Monotreme Records (65Daysofstatic, Thee More Shallows) in a deluxe package with a 96-page full-color booklet illustrating an epic tale of an otherworldly robot … [Read more...]

Reigns – The House On The Causeway

Pastoral imagery in music is nothing new. Beehoven had it pretty well figured out back in 1803 with his Symphony No. 6, in which five movements depict countryside scenes of merriment and bucolic bliss put on hold by an unexpectedly turbulent thunderstorm. The brothers Farthing (Tim and Roo) and their project Reigns have made a career out of … [Read more...]