Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante – The North Green Down

If you like reflective, minimalist instrumental music courtesy of delicate piano tones with soft acoustic guitar accents, then The North Green Down is for you. In a tribute to his sister-in-law who was lost to cancer, Chris Hooson (Dakota Suite) enlisted the help of Emanuele Errante to collaborate on these discreet, minimalist compositions with … [Read more...]

Kyle Bobby Dunn – A Young Person’s Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn

Why do older things generally move so much slower than newer things? Whenever I get stuck behind an old geezer putt-putting along at 20 miles per hour, I think that if I were that age, I’d be in a hell of a hurry. With such limited time left on Earth, I’d be minimizing transportation time so I could pack more experiences into what little time I had … [Read more...]

Jóhann Jóhannsson – And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees

Jóhann Jóhannsson’s prominence among Icelandic musicians comes from the confidently grand scope of his recent works. Either conceptually robust (IBM 1401, A User's Manual), instrumentally robust (Virðulegu Forsetar), or both (Fordlandia), Jóhannsson has seemingly moved on from the more intimate, electronic-infused sound of his earliest work on the … [Read more...]

Balmorhea – Constellations

Constellations always seemed to require too much focus and imagination for me. As a youngster, instead of getting psyched by trying to locate one in the night sky, all I could think of was how much of a stretch the whole enterprise was - how much it missed the forest for the trees. So it seems a little ironic to me that acoustic instrumental … [Read more...]