Short Takes on 3 Albums

Man Or Astroman? – Defcon 5 4 3 2 1 After a lengthy hiatus of almost 12 years, Man Or Astroman? has lifted off again with its 9th studio album, Defcon 5 4 3 2 1, out on Communicating Vessels.  Songs are propelled by guitar-driven rhythms and dissonance that are heavily influenced by Sonic Youth and surf rock alike. Opener “Defcon 5” careens … [Read more...]

Kellarissa – Flamingo

Kellarissa is the latest incarnation of singer/songwriter Larissa Loyva who was previously part of the bands P:ano and Choir Practice, and under her new name she has recorded the ten-song album Flamingo, which is out on the Canadian label Mint Records.  The mix of studio and home recordings fly, but sometimes rely too much on the power of … [Read more...]