Gem Club – In Roses

Somerville, Massachusetts is home to the ivory polishing trio, Gem Club. Singer/songwriter and founder, Christopher Barnes angelically ushers listeners in with whole body swells, mystical cavern-esque vocals, and echoey instrumentation sure to allow for some hefty introspection or at least a soothing ambience on a backcountry drive. Formed at the … [Read more...]

Matthew Shaw – Lamorna

Spring has come late to Britain this year. As the last of the unseasonal snow thaws and flower buds reluctantly open Matthew Shaw’s Lamorna seems a fitting soundtrack. Minimalist sounds stir behind tentative birdsong as spring makes its slow arrival. In fact, the album was recorded last summer at the pretty fishing village and cove in Cornwall the … [Read more...]

Salt Lake Electric Ensemble – In C

In C is not so much a concept album as it is a concept piece. Originally composed by Terry Riley in 1964, it is arguably the first minimalist composition. It consists of 53 short, musical phrases lasting from ½ beat to 32 beats played by an ensemble of any size and instrumental combination. Each performer begins on the first phrase and works … [Read more...]

Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

Stripping away the superfluous excesses of music, (overly busy drums, bass work that never finds a solid groove, guitar licks just overburdened with too many notes), leaves one with the bare bones, a skeletal framework if you will, in which there is ample space to explore tone, harmonic textures and slowly expressed melodic forms. This is something … [Read more...]

Amelia Curran – Hunter, Hunter

In 2000, singer-songwriter Amelia Curran moved to Nova Scotia and debuted her musical career with the well-received album, Barricade. Now, a decade later, Curran’s sound is that much better, backed by a wealth of experience gained after writing and producing four albums. She earned two nominations from the East Coast Music Awards (Folk Recording of … [Read more...]

Eternal Summers – Silver

The early 21st century post-punk revival, spearheaded by the sinewy jams of bands like The Strokes and The Libertines, is showing more age than its 10 years would suggest.  For a movement that was so focused on rock’s most primal and threadbare essentials, it’s sort of confounding to hear so many 2010 acts employing not only the basic … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Mark Lesseraux Reviews Kyle Bobby Dunn’s A Young Person’s Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn

Kyle Bobby Dunn is a 24 year old Canadian born minimalist, ambient-classical composer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past ten years (since he was 14 or 15 it seems) he has been presenting his compositions in live settings, including exclusive outdoor and site specific environments, throughout North America. Having reviewed his catalog, it is … [Read more...]

I Am the Dot – Minimal Love EP

More of a single than a proper extended player, I Am the Dot’s latest release – which just eclipses the twelve minute mark with its three tracks – is the latest in a series of transient yet prolific recordings from Denver’s Zach Tipton. The Young Coyotes member has been releasing small batches of new material at a practically monthly rhythm as of … [Read more...]

The Black Atlantic – Reverence For Fallen Trees

The extensiveness of modern groups is generally constrained to that of one instrument per member. True musical versatility is something rarely seen by today’s standards which is why The Black Atlantic are so graceful and appealing. Their debut album, Reverence For Fallen Trees, is a wonderful blend of acoustic, classical and minimalist components. … [Read more...]

The Bird Ensemble – Evensong

The Bird Ensemble manage to separate Evensong from other post-rock albums. Their plush songs dilate simple themes rather than emphasize dramatic arcs in song structure and movement. Their sound can still be dramatic, but are so in the way that a flower blooming is dramatic. A 5-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee, The Bird Ensemble's songs … [Read more...]