Sumie – Sumie

So much of the enjoyment of music is through context; there are times and places for different genres, artists and albums. The ten delicate, minimal folk songs that comprise Sumie’s self-titled debut LP are quintessential examples of music that needs a certain environment to flourish; the album is elegant and reflective but to have true resonance … [Read more...]

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – Elements of Light

Although the electronic circumference covered on 2010’s Black Noise was an exceptional bridge of techno and to some degree, dance music, the symphonic harmony Pantha du Prince’s Hendrik Weber reached on 2007’s This Bliss still resonates strongly within the electronic producer’s catalog. Perhaps more all-encompassing, Black Noise showcased a vast … [Read more...]

Jozef van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch – Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity

I must admit, its been many years since I've been really pleased with a Jim Jarmusch film. I was an obsessive fan of his work in the 80's and 90's. From Stranger than Paradise all the way through Ghost Dog, I anticipated each release. Although I don't care for his film work these days, I was excited to hear about his musical endeavors with the … [Read more...]

Fangs Out – Speech Shadowing

The Ohio-based duo Fangs Out has an interesting take on post-punk. The two switch off on drums, guitar, and bass to create songs that hew to an unsophisticated kind of minimalism that doesn't ever swing for the fences. Instead, it's music that focuses on simple ideas and playing to make its point. Given the constraints of having just two band … [Read more...]

Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble – Terry Riley: In C

Back in 1964, Terry Riley introduced to the world what many consider and herald as the first proper minimalist work with his renowned In C. Composed through a new method where musicians are allowed to play different notes and rhythms to their liking, it is also an almost aleatoric musical piece in that its outcome can be decided a number of ways. … [Read more...]

Still Light – “Tenebre”

Still Light is an eclectic trio joining Edinburgh based Singer/Songwriter Lucy Hague, London based artist Sand Snowman, and Kirill Nikolai. My original search led me to Kirill Nikolai, who I was surprised to see Irish born painter Francis Bacon sighted as an influence. Also among the top friends listed I find Nick Drake. Upon seeing this I am … [Read more...]