Deepchord Presents Echospace – Liumin

Echospace’s first album, The Coldest Season, acted as a de facto summary of minimal techno forms at their chilliest, hearkening back to the boingy, static-y Basic Channel/Chain Reaction template, the deep echo and complex rhythms of dub techno artists exemplified by Pole, the tumultuous swooshing of Thomas Köner, and the hissing ambient grandeur of … [Read more...]

The Field – Yesterday and Today

As The Field, Axel Willner has always been known for his meticulously crafted music. And as a master producer of beats and electronics, he's made sure that when one considers his music, quality should be the predominant sentiment. 2007's From Here We Go Sublime was, arguably, that year's best electronic album (not for me; that goes to Pantha Du … [Read more...]