Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer

Resting on top of a resilient establishment where influences from Middle-Eastern sounds, to re-imagined hip-hop, to bustling old-sounding records lay, is an enigmatic singer/rapper, Gonjasufi. Properly known as Sumach Ecks, the distinctive singer had been making music for 20 years on his own, before realizing the means to create a full-length … [Read more...]

Tribecastan – Strange Cousin

There’s a singular kind of feeling one gets when they’re able to let inhibitions go and let loose. Whether it’s in the style of familiarizing yourself with old friends, dressing for an event, or in this case, getting together with musicians who share similar bonds and rejoicing in the music you’re creating. There’s a picture of the duo, John … [Read more...]