Crime & The City Solution – An Introduction To… A History of Crime: Berlin 1987-1991

The Crime & The City Solution catalogue has long been an unwieldy body of work which even erstwhile long-serving member Mick Harvey (also of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds) acknowledged in a 2005 interview with this writer.  Although badly in need of anthologizing, Harvey mused that a retrospective compilation of the nomadic band, founded by Australian … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama, Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus & Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (deluxe CD/DVD reissues)

Whilst it might seem a little premature for Mute to already be revisiting three Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds albums that are less than a decade old, in terms of bringing the elongated reissue campaign of the last few years to a full and tidy conclusion it makes sense, at least for completionist fans.  It also brings things full circle to prime us … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Let Love In, Murder Ballads, The Boatman’s Call & No More Shall We Part (CD/DVD reissues)

Having spent the bulk of the past year indulging guttural libido and swamp-rock urges with his Grinderman side-project, Nick Cave is reportedly back at the ‘day-job’ in preparation for a new regular long-player with the full Bad Seeds line-up.  So whilst he knuckles down to write his next musical chapter, here comes another window of opportunity to … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tender Prey, The Good Son & Henry’s Dream (CD/DVD reissues)

Although it initially seemed that the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds reissue programme was to run through its 3 or 4 album batches with exhausting frequency, it’s taken nearly a year for this second wave to hit upon us.  What was perhaps conceived as a between Bad Seeds albums interest-retainer, has in fact been derailed by Cave’s own prolific … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – From Her To Eternity/The Firstborn Is Dead/Kicking Against The Pricks/Your Funeral… My Trial (CD/DVD reissues)

It's not hard to understand why the world of reissues stirs up such confusion and cynicism, given the multiple lines of attack followed by artists and labels alike to keep back catalogues alive or resuscitate them from near-death.  So, for every long-awaited first CD reissue of a lost vinyl relic (anything by Lee Hazlewood for instance) and … [Read more...]