Rachel Goodrich – s/t

Just because someone has had their music featured on a cable TV show, tinkered with by a Grammy-winning producer, and been written about in The New York Times doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worth your time, money, or Internet bandwidth.  Indeed, can’t we all reference at least one artist from the past decade who boasted imposing credentials and … [Read more...]

The Atlantic Manor – The World Beneath This World Is Brightening

Musical improvisation is a skill. Artists have to be quite creative and combine presentation with sentiment and instrumental methods to be able to create something brilliant; they also have to be in tune to unprompted responses from their fellow musicians and, regrettably, not all musicians can pull off being “in the moment”.  The Atlantic Manor is … [Read more...]

Debut album from Old Wives’ Tale

It’ll take just one listen to the debut recording from Miami duo Old Wives’ Tale to understand why brothers Jaime and Felipe Valencia have coined it “amphetamine music.” [MP3] “[15] Amphetamine”: http://tinyurl.com/oldwivestale-15amphetamine The Valencia brothers formed Old Wives’ Tale in 2006 shortly after making the decision to relegate … [Read more...]

Awesome New Republic release 3 EPs

Miami, Florida band to watch Awesome New Republic released a short documentary of its recent adventure in Los Angeles. The band's colorful electro-pop is a perfect backdrop to the sun and waves, but really, it's the footage of their explosive live show that leaves a lasting impression. Stick around to the 1:30 mark to watch them rock the f@#% … [Read more...]