Kevin Boyle

Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason Torn Beyond Reason by Woods of Desolation totally came out of left field and quickly made its way into heavy rotation. Upon first listen this album completely blew everything away, including myself. This two man group from New South Wales, Australia really was able to pack the right combination of energy … [Read more...]

Interview with Randy of Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Heya Randy!  How’re you doing?  I have to say, you’re new album Survival Machines, out this past September on Tragic Hero Records, is a real standout.  Your album was streaming at AOL Spinner back then, and as soon as the first track came on, I was like, “Wow!  What is this?  Awesome!” and, believe me, that’s not my usual reaction to what I … [Read more...]

Falloch – Where Distant Spirits Remain

The debut album from Scottish duo Falloch, Where Distant Spirits Remain is an atmospheric soundscape of flowing fresh and engaging sounds carrying enough emotive music to satisfy any musical soul. The album is a seven track blend of folk rock, progressive rock, and atmospheric metal that's a powerful and passionate play upon the senses. Released … [Read more...]

Hemoptysis – Misanthropic Slaughter

From the first coaxing riffs in the opening seconds of the title track on Misanthropic Slaughter, the debut album from US metalers Hemoptysis, one is engaged with an album that ripples with well written, intelligent, and appetising metal sounds that will delight any palate. Throbbing riffs, firmly grabbing rhythms, and intriguing directional … [Read more...]

White Orange – s/t

I'd like to file this Portland quartet comfortably between progressive and sludge metal.  Unfortunately, their sound is not that simple and it would be an injustice for me to label them as such.  They are mesmerizing.  With a slick, complex production and a swirling, psychedelic personality all their own, this overdriven, fuzzed out metal behemoth … [Read more...]

The Tards – Guillotine

Scuzzy dirty rock ‘n’ roll thrash metal is the closest I can get to the sound of Kansas City band The Tards, but even then it only gives clues and not the whole picture. The quartet shoves their at times blatantly obvious influences into their music, fusing plenty of varied and classic mixtures to their own gritty almost nasty sound. Since forming … [Read more...]

Julie Christmas – The Bad Wife

Julie Christmas, of the Brooklyn-based band Made Out Of Babies (and formerly of Battle Of Mice), released her debut solo album on Rising Pulse Records this past autumn.  Although Julie’s raw and riveting vocals and emotions are at the forefront of The Bad Wife, the creation of the album was a team effort, with Julie gathering the talents of John La … [Read more...]

Circus of Dead Squirrels – Operation Satan

Commentary and attacks on society, politics, and the human disease have never been strangers to music, but rarely has an artist delivered their message with such brutality, directness, and quality as Circus Of Dead Squirrels. The Arizona band sits loosely in the industrial metal genre, but suck in numerous flavours from elsewhere to make them not … [Read more...]

Suggestion – “X On Metal”

Once again we're thrust into the unknown. Suggestion are back with a brand new full length album titled All For Nathan? Track 11 is called "X On Metal". The guitar sounds like it's culled from the depths of the Iron Maiden treasure trunk. King Bong's speedy, scat like vocals keep the listener on the edge of their seat struggling to catch up. I'm … [Read more...]

Baptists – S/T

The debut 7" from this Vancouver, British Columbia hardcore act is brilliant. These days, it is quite rare that I pay attention to, much less enjoy hardcore. However, these veterans of the scene (members of Sports, Ladyhawk and A Textbook Tragedy) formed in 2010 and quickly recorded four impressive songs. The demo was just collecting dust until … [Read more...]