Visigoth – The Revenant King

When heavy metal thunder bolts are sent forth from above you pay heed and listen.  Case in point Salt Lake City, Utah's Visigoth and their first full length The Revenant King on Metal Blade Records.  Swords, sorcery and the occult all rolled into one bundle that is all guts and no dead weight. “The Revenant King” opens strong with riffs that … [Read more...]

Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness

The Great Southern Darkness from French black metal band Glorior Belli is a beast of a release. It's also challenging and initially bewildering, an album that despite giving enough intrigue on the first listen to make one delve deeper, keeps its smart and engaging elements behind a veil of noise. All releases should be listened to many times to … [Read more...]

Powerwolf – Blood of the Saints

That’s right, I said Powerwolf. Enter some bestial power metal from Germany that goes by the moniker of Powerwolf with their new album Blood of the Saints on Metal Blade Records. Power metal has always come under fire because of it’s use of keyboards, cheesy lyrical themes and over-the-top vocal displays; but I for one cannot get enough of this … [Read more...]