Interview with David Baker (Variety Lights, Shady and ex-Mercury Rev)

Largely due to the fashion-driven push-pull of the brand new and the nostalgic, views of musical history are constantly being rewritten.  As a co-founding Mercury Rev vocalist and songwriter, David Baker’s place in said band’s fledgling years - specifically across 1991’s sublime Yerself Is Steam, 1993’s brutally inventive Boces and countless … [Read more...]

The Boo Radleys – Giant Steps & Wake Up Boo! (deluxe 3CD editions)

Hindsight can be both a help and a hindrance to old records retrieved from semi-obscurity for another bid to find affectionate space in CD racks.  Certainly, retrospective reviewing of the two ‘middle’ and best known albums in the six-strong album catalogue of The Boo Radleys throws up flattering and not-so-flattering new lights. Released to … [Read more...]

Black Feather – Silhouette

When a “back to basics” band pops up on the radar – as the White Stripes and Strokes did earlier this decade – it’s usually taken as a retort to the gluttonous indulgences of groups who are creating music at the opposite end of the spectrum, where high drama and grand gestures happen to reside.  And when the “keep-it-simple-stupid” approach … [Read more...]

Latest Single and Video from My First Earthquake

After racking up a cool 40,000+ views of “Cool In The Cool Way,” its ode to hipster body snatchers, San Francisco’s My First Earthquake has dropped “Outta The Band” the latest single and video from its popular full-length debut, Downstairs, produced by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev. The clip (directed and edited by Eric Slatkin) is a two-minute, … [Read more...]

Great Northern – Remind Me Where The Light Is

I put this on my stereo and almost instantly, found myself nodding appreciatvely. Pounding drumbeats, gritty guitars, the kind of thrashing glam stomp that never fails to capture my attention. 30 seconds into their 2nd album and Great Northern manage to tick every box in the GaragePunk questionnaire. Two things made me listen a little more closely … [Read more...]