Shrinebuilder – S/T

Ah, supergroups. Might as well be called ‘set themselves up to fail’ groups. They seem to all prove one thing: a product is not always equal to the sum of their parts. i.e. The Traveling Wilburys, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Zwan…. Anyone vomit in their mouth yet? Especially at that last one? Billy Corgan will you just shut up already? Seriously, … [Read more...]

Ichabod – 2012 EP

Part System Of A Down and Swedish D-beat phenomenon Disfear, Massachusetts' own Ichabod blasts into this 8 song EP with the distinct technicality of the likes of Mastodon and Bloodlet. Enough name dropping in one sentence?  This only raises the bar and puts Ichabod at a non-distinct level where they remain un-categorizable. The riffs are that of … [Read more...]