Interview with Fiona

Hello Fiona! How are you doing? Wow, I can’t believe it’s been about two decades since you’re last album, and now, as if no time has passed by at all, you’re back with a spectacular and powerful new album (with your spirited and compelling vocals in top form) titled Unbroken which was released in October. I also can’t believe I’m doing this … [Read more...]

Interview with Randy of Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Heya Randy!  How’re you doing?  I have to say, you’re new album Survival Machines, out this past September on Tragic Hero Records, is a real standout.  Your album was streaming at AOL Spinner back then, and as soon as the first track came on, I was like, “Wow!  What is this?  Awesome!” and, believe me, that’s not my usual reaction to what I … [Read more...]

Male Bonding – Endless Now

When Kurt Cobain listed punk as a musical influence for Nirvana, this is perhaps the sort of punk he had in mind. The musical urgency present in Male Bonding’s music is, in fact, not quite unlike that of the one-time Sub Pop artist. Yet whereas Cobain wore his emotions on his sleeve and could tap into a primal ferocity at any given moment, the … [Read more...]

Since Yesterday – The Artificial Truth

Drawing on influences such as Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying, the debut album from Turkish metal band Since Yesterday demonstrates a level of maturity and competency that should put them on a level footing with their inspiration, even if they haven’t been around for quite as long. Another influence looming in the background is that of … [Read more...]

Black Helicopter – Don’t Fuck With the Apocalypse

Black Helicopter are a no-nonsense Boston quartet who punch the clock for grungy rock with the same kind of humble work ethic as that well-respected mechanic you know, the one who is always busy but will never be rich nor able to retire comfortably. Often a bit sinister in their minor key riffiness, threatening a metal-style heaviness, Black … [Read more...]

The Silence Kit – Dislocations

The last release by Philly's The Silence Kit has its moments, and the new record Dislocations does as well. Overall, though, this one doesn't have quite the same overall impact and it's difficult to say exactly what's changed. The music hasn't changed drastically. This album sounds as though the band has gone for more of an 80s sound. Opener … [Read more...]

Evil Men Have No Songs – s/t EP

The depth and breadth of yet-unknown (or at least not widely known) and unsigned talent that can be found on MySpace is truly amazing.  One such artist that stands out is Hungary-based Evil Men Have No Songs (the name is a Nietzsche quote).  This “band” is actually a guy named RP and he creates appealing song structures and sonics that meld lo-fi … [Read more...]

…For Science! – “There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don’t Live”

Their Myspace page states that ...For Science! consists of "three assholes being jerks". This trio reigns from Columbia, South Carolina and track three off of the four song EP titled Song One, leaves them out of a pack strictly deemed for the weak and nonchalant. The jangled intro to "There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don't Live" is a sweet mix of … [Read more...]

The Lucy Show – …Undone

We owe the Words On Music label a "thank you" for continuing to re-release 80s gems. In this case, it's The Lucy Show's debut 1985 album ...Undone. It was 3 or 4 years ago that the label re-released the band's second full-length Mania, which had its charms but could not unseat ...Undone as the band's finest work. It's been 25 years since it was … [Read more...]

Defeater – Lost Ground

Defeater is like the reserved valedictorian of Boston hardcore.  But hey, you can't be the quarterback at the same time.  They're content channelling US History and running the A/V club, as the layout motif and guitarist Jay Maas' extracurricular activities will show and tell.   Eventually, people will realize they are cool in their own way.  Lost … [Read more...]