Sugar and Bob Mould – deluxe reissues

Until someone can battle through the legal bondage of multiple records deals, to concertina together a definitive Mould Gold anthology from Bob Mould’s 30+ year music career, long-time observers and late-comers alike will have to make do with exploring his vast back catalogue in more en masse minefield fashion.  Whilst Mould’s Hüsker Dü catalogue … [Read more...]

Dream on Dreamer – Heartbound

When I think of the word refreshing a flood of images fly into my head - typically it is people laying in a bath tub full of mint leaves or something of that ilk. It’s the idea that you are rejuvenating yourself or coming into something with new eyes. In essence, it’s a change typically for the better and as I listened to Dream on Dreamers new … [Read more...]

Caravels – s/t EP

I have been on a bit of a hardcore kick as of late, but I was looking for something that had intense emotion and melody. It's an odd combination, but quite a few bands are using these dynamic as of late and it works quite well as you have elements of both post-rock and post-hardcore that play off of each other's opposing tendencies.  Caravels is … [Read more...]

Interview with Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm is from Wallingford, Connecticut and has been playing up and down the east coast since its DIY demo in 2007. With every member free of collegiate duties and a second LP announced on Run for Cover Records, it appears they will not be graduating from the band. Guitarist Tom Chiari has been with Hostage Calm since their melodic hardcore … [Read more...]