Cultes Des Ghoules – Spectres Over Transylvania

Polish Black Metal phantoms Cultes Des Ghoules return with Spectres Over Transylvania. A one track, 25min EP released on the Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions label. Little is known about Cultes Des Ghoules other than their current line-up, and their country of origin. This elusiveness adds to the mystery coinciding with some of the most … [Read more...]

Fester – “Winter Of Sin”

You know honestly, my first impression was that this is Wyld Stallyns, Bill And Ted's band from Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure. Further on in it's like 1980's era-Suicidal Tendencies mixed in with your little brother's garage band. Winter Of Sin comes from 1992, and has long since been out-of-print. With this re-issue on Abyss Records, they … [Read more...]