Bearfoot Beware – World Owes You Nowt

The first time I listened to Bearfoot Beware’s debut album World Owes You Nowt, I got a sinking feeling. Not because I didn’t like it — on the contrary, I felt discouraged because I knew that this was the kind of album that demands multiple listens to be fully appreciated. It’s the kind of complex, multi-layered album that you want to get to know … [Read more...]

Noxious Foxes – Legs

I find that it is never a bad thing when the initial reaction to the first song off of an album sends an impulse to your brain, which immediately fires a corresponding impulse carrying a message to the muscles in your face causing a contraction that ultimately is punctuated by a subtle smile: enter the smirk. This is what I would call an impulse … [Read more...]

Neur – Untitled EP

In this industry you run into music you would normally never have discovered or even looked into on your own, so it’s not uncommon to be pleasantly surprised by a unique indie band every so often. However, pleasantly surprised is an altogether different feeling from what I have right now. To be as unbiased as possible, Neur excites the hell out of … [Read more...]

Monster Machismo – Aye Aye Porcupine

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”? I totally disagree with that statement, at least in the context of this review. YouTube and boredom can definitely lead you down some interesting paths. Therefore, I decided to do an experiment of sorts. I type into the search bar “best indie bands” and I am immediately hit with hundreds if not thousands of … [Read more...]

Interview with X-Ray Press

Uvb-76 is an obscure Russian radio station that infrequently makes cryptic transmissions; an almost perfect metaphor for what Russia has become post cold war era - irrelevant and furtive. A vestige of a bygone era characterized by xenophobia and paranoia, and as much as the threat seemed external it was very much internal, we feared change and so … [Read more...]

X-Ray Press – UVB-76

Forging through after a successful debut, X-Ray Press continues chasing the field of progressive/math rock with their latest album, UVB-76. Named after the mysterious Russian radio that transmits nothing more than a repetitive, numb buzz, the intuitive rock band has created a daunting new album that cycles around eighteen different tracks of music. … [Read more...]

X-Ray Press – Uvb-76

In our lives we rarely come across music that is so shamelessly unconcerned with conventions of genre, that when we do actually hear these types of sounds emanating from our musical devices it deserves at the very least to be heard. I looked in my inbox on Wednesday and I saw the title of an album that sounded more like a secret government project … [Read more...]

Salli Lunn – Heresy And Rite

"The Frame Of Reference" opens with as rattle of synthetic and a purposeful drumbeat. Over this, plucked bass strings and distant keyboards back some convoluted lyricism: 'a sketch and a drawing / pronouncing the problem to be redefined'. The bass slows and the song paradoxically takes flight, its mood simultaneously maudlin, neurotic, mildly … [Read more...]

Interview with Dave Davidson of Maps & Atlases

How will the new album, Perch Patchwork, compare to previous releases such as the multiple EP’s you released in past years? I think one major difference came from the process which had been recording songs during tours whereas this time around we decided to go into the studio and record them all very quickly. I think with this album we took a … [Read more...]

Caverns – We Lied

Caverns, a usually heavy math-rock band out of DC, has taken a small change in direction with the followup to its album Kittens. The band hasn't lost the intensity of that last release (or its live show -- something to behold) as much as re-channeled it. We Lied is a comparatively subdued take on what Caverns has become known for, having shared the … [Read more...]