Big Sir – Before Gardens After Gardens

A singer/songwriter whose résumé accolades include collaborations with the likes of M83 and Air meets the bass player from the Mars Volta in 1990s Los Angeles and forms the most unlikely of musical alliances.  What does it sound like, you might wonder?  Lisa Papineau’s voice possesses an Imogen Heap-meets-Bat for Lashes resplendence - dreamy, and … [Read more...]

Members of The Mars Volta tour in Zechs Marquise and Free Moral Agents

Considering how The Mars Volta's songs are so complexly intertwined, it would only make sense that the band's ever-expanding family of related projects are bound together as well. In November, two such groups, Zechs Marquise and Free Moral Agents take to the road to show us how this brood continues to grow. Zechs Marquise features … [Read more...]