New Album from vintage Americana trio Echo Sparks

The vintage Americana band from Orange County, California, Echo Sparks, was started by DA Valdez (a member of The Pontiac Brothers). He formed the band as an outlet for his original songs. He’s joined by vocalist CC Kinnick and bass player Cindy Ballreich and the trio have been performing their signature brand of ‘Sounds of the New Old West’ all … [Read more...]

Best Songs of 2013

I’m countin’ ‘em down like Casey “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" Kasem used to do on the music TV show America’s Top 10: 10.  SPC ECO – “Delusional Waste” Dean Garcia (ex-Curve) and daughter Rose Berlin, creators of electro-ambient fantasias, approach justthissideofpop with their recent tune “Delusional … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 EPs

Blood Red Shoes – Water EP Laura-Mary and Steven muddy the waters with a harder, fuzzed-out sound on their latest EP, an emphatic nod to hard rock and garage rock styles.  The inherent exuberance and defiance found on their earlier output is bogged down on Water by a sludgy sonic brew … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Teen Daze – The Inner Mansions Lefse On debut album All Of Us, Together, Teen Daze, AKA Canadian musician and producer Jamison, crafted blissfully uplifting, mainly instrumental song cycles that stirred up visions and feelings of being beachside.  Sophomore album The Inner Mansions, which was released just a few … [Read more...]

Blood Red Shoes – “In Time To Voices” video

Laura-Mary and Steven have never taken the video art form by storm, typically releasing decent stage performance-oriented videos.  In a rare flight of imaginative fancy, however, and perhaps due to their collaboration with video director Craig Murray, their latest video spins a ‘fight night’ narrative that depicts an initially zoned-out Laura-Mary … [Read more...]

Blood Red Shoes – In TIme To Voices

Brighton, England-based Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell refine their indie rock sound yet again on third album In Time To Voices, which was made available in the U.S. this past July.  They also diversify their style to include acoustic guitar ballads and a ‘kick out the jams’ punk number.  The end result, while tuneful and solid, is not as … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Maribel – Reveries  Splendour  On the second and aptly-titled album from Norway’s dream-rockers Maribel, the band has toned down the rock element in favor of a drawn out, diaphanous atmosphere that pervades every song.  The initial falling-star- film-noir-reverb-guitar, soporific splendor turns into … [Read more...]

Q&A with Second Head

Hey there Emma and Wim – It’s really cool to have the chance to touch base with you both and find out more about your band.  Your latest EP Children of the Revulsion (Love the wordplay!) is out now and it seems to be heading in a more laid-back, thematically cohesive direction than your previous EP Gift Horse and debut album Disease comes in … [Read more...]

The Nocturnes – Aokigahara

The Nocturnes is another feather in the cap of Red Sparowes member Emma Ruth Rundle.  The band formed in 2007 as a duo, comprised of Emma of Daniel Yasmin, but has since reformulated itself, replacing Daniel with Dave Clifford (also of Red Sparowes), Julian Rifkin, and Paris Patt.  In 2010 the quartet recorded Aokigahara, which was released on … [Read more...]

Sons And Daughters – Mirror Mirror

Scottish band Sons And Daughters burst onto the indie music scene back in 2005 with the vehement, visceral, and critically-lauded debut The Repulsion Box.  Raw emotions ran riot as Adele Bethel and Scott Paterson dueled and harmonized to electric effect. Subsequent album This Gift, with Bernard Butler at the helm, saw the band refine and gild its … [Read more...]