Interview with TKTTSM

Hi Johanna and Owen!  Your freakin’ fantastic self-titled album has me bouncing around the room like a spastic kid with a sugar high, to put it mildly. How did you prepare for the October 16th release of TKTTSM on Sumxuni Records?   Johanna: Yay! I've spent the last few years attempting to funnel my natural spaziness into our music. It's so nice … [Read more...]

Garbage – Not Your Kind Of People

Shirley Manson and the guys (Well, the illustrious Butch Vig, and Duke Erikson and Steve Marker) have rebooted after a 7-year break with Not Your Kind Of People. Released in May on their own record label STUNVOLUME, it plays like ‘Garbage Version 3.0’ with songs that recall, but still hold their own against, the band’s self-titled debut and … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Maribel – Reveries  Splendour  On the second and aptly-titled album from Norway’s dream-rockers Maribel, the band has toned down the rock element in favor of a drawn out, diaphanous atmosphere that pervades every song.  The initial falling-star- film-noir-reverb-guitar, soporific splendor turns into … [Read more...]


Imaginative artists of the first order, Brooklyn-based Johanna Stahley and Owen O’Mahony of TKTTSM are set to release their debut self-titled album mid-October on Sumxuni Records, and it’s a knockout.  Thirty-six minutes or so of aggressively melodic, sing-song, psych-rock/candy-pop tunes blast by and dreamily collide at the crossroads of rock and … [Read more...]

Casper & The Cookies – Modern Silence

The songs on Modern Silence alternately exasperate and enthuse as the band rummages through the past 50 or so years of musical history filtered through a lo-fi, indie, pop/rock lens.  The band line-up consists of Jason NeSmith (ex-member of Of Montreal) on guitar and vocals, Jim Hix on guitar and vocals, and Kay Stanton on bass and vocals (with Joe … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – “Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion”

Not the most intriguing song title, but Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs combine old-school DIY, plucky charm of bright, sing-song vocals and cheeky lyrics about accordions, scorpions, and…yes, beef bourguignon (love the British accent on that word) – with a sudden descent into a shouty, discordant inferno of chaos at the end of the tune. The … [Read more...]

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy Present – Unseen Music Unheard Words

An album over three years in the making, Unseen Music Unheard Words is an inviting blend of lyrics and vocals by Steve Kilbey of The Church and soundscapes by Martin Kennedy of All India Radio.  Their collaboration spans 12 songs at 51 minutes and delivers gently flowing, relaxed, and mesmerizing atmospherics with Steve's inimitable vocal and … [Read more...]