Beaches – Second Of Spring

I will admit that Beaches were only vaguely known to me until quite recently, their name jumbled together alongside Best Coast and Beach House and one or two other similar bands whose music would appear every so often in my streaming playlists and whom I had decided were at least listenable. Some will know of them from their 2013 album She Beats … [Read more...]

Ten Best Shoegaze-Related Events of 2014

A rundown of the 10 best shoegaze-related events of 2014 is better late than never, right?  Just like the reformation, continuation, or news of these original shoegaze-tagged bands some 20 years after their initial glory days during the 1990s U.K. music scene.  The (re)evaluation of the impact of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and … [Read more...]

Interview with Seinking Ships

Hello Christopher, Eric, and Miki!  I’m dead chuffed to be doing this interview with the three of you in support of your new Seinking Ships album Museum Quality Capture that set sail in June. Christopher, you’re based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and Eric you are located in Oregon.  How did you two cross paths and at what point did you decide … [Read more...]

Interview with Daniel Lawson of Venice is Sinking

Your new album Sand & Lines was recorded in the Georgia Theater, which burned down not long after recording. You guys generously set up a fund to send donations to the rebuilding of the Theater. How’s the reconstruction project coming along? You guys definitely earned playing the inaugural show there. Daniel Lawson: I ran into Wilmot Greene … [Read more...]

Seinking Ships – Museum Quality Capture

Seinking Ships is the long-distance music project between Ohio-based Christopher Seink and Oregon-located Eric Matthews (Cardinal), with guest vocals on three songs by U.K.-residing Miki Berenyi (1990s dreampop band Lush).  Museum Quality Capture is out now and distributed by S-Curve Records.  A mellow, ambient vibe runs through most of the songs, … [Read more...]

DOA’s Guide to the Recordings of…Lush

This second installment of DOA’s Guide to the Recordings Of… features the band Lush. As previously mentioned in the intro of the inaugural article, this is only one fan’s perspective on the output of an underappreciated band. My viewpoint is also that of an avid and long-time fan in the U.S. about a British band from its inception to its untimely … [Read more...]