CJ Boyd – Aerial Roots

Aerial Roots comes out of the gates on “Everytime I Don the Ski Mask”  with a soft bass figure, one note repeated that sounds more like an acoustic guitar anchored by a low end buzz. Not knowing CJ Boyd from Adam, I figured at about 8 or 16 measures in, a band would pop in with crisp drums and some sort of riffage. Boy was I wrong. Instead, the … [Read more...]

Cake On Cake – Hymns I Remember

Do you like your sugar with a dash of coffee? Do you enjoy the way in which a little too much maple syrup totally saturates your stack of pancakes? Do you spend cold winter nights wrapped in lamb’s wool, dreaming of unicorns that would delicately prance on the fluffy snow outside your window? Are visions of sugar plums still dancing in your head … [Read more...]