How To Dress Well- Love Remains

It isn’t often that you hear a record that sounds like you threw your speakers in a bathtub full of water. To his credit, How To Dress Well has more than pulled off this feat that.  The new album, Love Remains, was made entirely by Tom Krell earlier this year.  This record isn’t easy to digest and I wouldn’t do it justice without backing up why it … [Read more...]

The Hepburns – How the Fallen Are Mighty

It's always nice to put on a record that turns out to be unpredictable, even when the record in question isn't necessarily a great one. Hearing a band work through a wide range of interests, whether it involves messing around with songform or new technologies or integrating disparate styles, is always welcome after so much music that hews close to … [Read more...]

Black Lips-200 Million Thousand

Every band has a standard by which it creates and, in some cases, destroy itself musically. Then there is Black Lips, which seem to have no idea what or where the standard is. This band has drawn a line between itself and, well, everybody else. Black Lips have an innate ability to create a mess album after album. The group's newest record, 200 … [Read more...]

Aeroplane Pageant – Even The Kids Don’t Believe Me

The concepts behind Aeroplane Pageant's songwriting may be a little too ambitious and often convoluted. With the band's follow-up to their well recieved debut full length Wave to the Moon, Aeroplane Pageant has painted a story of lies, all starting with man being swallowed by a tiger and the world falling into choas, etc. Apparently it gets … [Read more...]

Faux Hoax – Your Friends Will Carry You Home 7″

This little slab of vinyl comes in a limited edition of 1,000 copies on black. As with most records these days, Faux Hoax (pronounced "folks") comes with a download code so you enjoy the tunes on your iPod - you'll even two extra tracks for free out of the whole deal. The band (side project? collective?) features members of Menomena, Gang of Four, … [Read more...]