Lou Reed helps out Kevin Hearn on new album

Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle's Havana Winter is out now in the US via Kevin's own label Celery Music. The album features the legendary Lou Reed's signature guitar sound on three tracks ("Coma," "In The Shade," "H.I.T.S."). Reed's wife, performance artist Laurie Anderson, contributed electric violin on "Reeling." Listen to Reed's blistering guitar … [Read more...]

Tractor Kings – Homesick

Tractor Kings call it "rural cathedral"; it's what alt-country streaked with psychedelia sounds like. This original blend makes Homesick unique. But otherwise this album struggles, the songs waft by, their passing hardly noticed. Tractor Kings rotates around Jacob Fleischli, the other members always coming and going. This time around the lineup … [Read more...]