Slutever – Almost Famous

The question I mull over while listening to Slutever’s latest release, Almost Famous, is this: how is it possible for music to be so snotty, and yet so gorgeous? I always have this reaction to Slutever. They’re bratty and raw. There’s plenty of crunchy, fuzzy guitar. Yet at the same time, the reverb-soaked feedback that hangs over every track … [Read more...]

Silversun Pickups – Neck of the Woods

According to a recent interview given by Silversun Pickup frontman Brian Aubert, it was the singer’s Topanga Canyon upbringing that informed much of the material presented on the indie rock band’s third LP, Neck of the Woods.  Anyone who’s ever returned to their childhood neighborhood as an adult after a lengthy sabbatical knows full well that … [Read more...]

Big Sir – Before Gardens After Gardens

A singer/songwriter whose résumé accolades include collaborations with the likes of M83 and Air meets the bass player from the Mars Volta in 1990s Los Angeles and forms the most unlikely of musical alliances.  What does it sound like, you might wonder?  Lisa Papineau’s voice possesses an Imogen Heap-meets-Bat for Lashes resplendence - dreamy, and … [Read more...]

Scott Ryan – Mercy Killings

Los Angeles-based songwriter Scott Ryan may only have a small body of work to his name, but it’s nonetheless hard to dispute his panache as a musical alchemist. When his Tree Man EP dropped in the summer of 2009, Ryan achieved that remarkable feat – increasingly rare in today’s “more is more” musical landscape – of taking a prototype rock band … [Read more...]

Black Baptista – Thread the Needle

Anyone entrenched in the prog-rock leanings of anomalous guitar player Omar Rodriguez Lopez is also aware that the man is as antsy as he is ingenious.  For more than a decade now, the Mars Volta guitarist has been spinning out album after album of flabbergasting rock and roll, sometimes at a rate so expeditious that the releases themselves become … [Read more...]

Scott Ryan – “Western Anxiety” Music Video

Songwriter/guitarist Scott Ryan has been steadily gaining momentum since his entrancing Tree Man EP dropped back in the summer of 2009.  That album’s alternating takes on catharsis and self-examination were immediately affecting, a fittingly tenebrous offering from a man who spent most of his upbringing in the dank and opaque environs of the … [Read more...]

The Marches – “Big City” Music Video

Life and times in the City of Angels have always figured prominently in the music of Richard Conti and his band The Marches.  From the film noir atmospheres of their debut record 4 a.m. Is the New Midnight to their elegiac piano ballad "Big City" - featured on last summer's Director of Photography EP - Los Angeles has played a crucial element in … [Read more...]

LA-based Divisible release new album

Los Angeles-based band Divisible, consisting of singer Shola Akinshemoyin Vaughn and drummer Albert Sadia, is pleased to present its debut album Less Than Lion, a collection of songs (including a reinterpretation of Radiohead’s “Exit Music [For A Film]),” that explores Shola’s journey from the halls of Harvard to a West African reconciliation with … [Read more...]

The Inevitable Backlash – My Two Brookes

My Two Brookes is a hungry album by a band hungry for authenticity, a band whose consignment to the bottom of the barrel — the Buzz Bin at best — becomes, by empty dialectical reversal, a point of pride. Muddy production? How Albini did it, son. Forgettable choruses? Not writing pop songs here. The record is a heartless slog: macho vocals, … [Read more...]