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The Mallard – Yes on Blood

The Mallard – Yes on Blood

On “I Listen to the Lyrics Last,” a song buried deep in the heart of The Mallard’s debut Yes on Blood, the shaky, rundown feel of the jaded guitar paired with grungy production depicts a stuttering ode to garage rock. Taking the bold grains of a jangly guitar and 70s inspired vocals that recall the late Janis Joplin, The Mallard take much of rock’s … [Read more...]

Best Coast – The Only Place

Best Coast - The Only Place

Bethany Cosentino’s love affair with California is not exactly clandestine.  From the name of her band to the inclusion of the state’s likeliness on two consecutive album covers, the BestCoast frontwoman’s obsessions with all things Golden State is so profuse that it practically rivals the Beach Boys.  In fact, it’s pretty much a given that if you … [Read more...]

Howler – America Give Up

Howler - America Give Up

Unfortunately for Howler, the Strokes’ last album wasn’t a stinker; otherwise this spirited bunch of young Minnesotans would probably take their place as the rightful heirs to the throne of fuzzy, floppy-haired, lo-fi strum ’n’ roll. While Casablancas and Co. can still bear each other’s company long enough to show the young pretenders how it’s … [Read more...]

Duke Garwood / Wooden Wand – split LP

Duke Garwood & Wooden Wand - split LP

Whilst split-singles have been an on/off quick-fix staple for independent labels over the years - to showcase artists in tandem or to celebrate musical kinship - split-albums are a less frequent proposition.  This is perhaps due to the dominance of CDs across the last two decades, given that a vinyl LP side apiece lends itself better to a … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory

Guided By Voices - Let’s Go Eat The Factory

Even though 2004’s dissolution of Guided By Voices had the marks of finality to it - especially with commander-in-chief Robert Pollard’s subsequent ceaseless productivity as a solo artist and a multiple side-project dabbler suggesting that he no longer needed the GBV funnel to channel his relentlessly flooding songwriting – there was still some … [Read more...]

Ladies Auxiliary – On the Shadow

Ladies Auxiliary - On the Shadow

Ah, the curse of the sophomore album.  Performers, critics, and fans alike are all keenly aware of the pressure that often plagues musicians with the follow-up to an inspired debut.  Apply too much creative zeal in your chrysalis, and you’re likely to be flogged by listeners for circumvention - those who fell for MGMT’s surging synthpop on Oracular … [Read more...]

Memoryhouse – The Years EP

Memoryhouse - The Years EP

When Memoryhouse’s first incarnation of The Years dropped in February of 2010, it was the recipient of overall critical approval. Referential qualities to dream pop progenitors like the Cocteau Twins? Check. Just enough scrappy electronic drum loops to bestow it with lo-fi cred? Sure. Wistful and sprawling in all the ways that made chillwave such a … [Read more...]

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The success story of a band like Girls seems improbable and yet somehow pedestrian in 2011.  The banality of the situation is obvious – two dudes united by a slacker aesthetic, recreational drugs, and a love of music actuated by said drugs dole out lo-fi stoner rock rife with both psychedelic approbations and self-deprecation.  This sort of music – … [Read more...]

Q&A with Michael of Tuesday Glass


Hiya Michael! It’s so great to have the chance to chat with you about your really new band Tuesday Glass, which you started on your own in April of this year. You’ve already released one EP and your second EP, High Wired, is due out on August 30th.  What can listeners expect from High Wired? Sure! Well, I don't want to give away too much about … [Read more...]

Tomorrows Tulips – Eternally Teenage

Tomorrows Tulips – Eternally Teenage

A simple approach is sometimes the best option. When dealing with aspects that cover everything from relationships to art to life, the simplistic divide is definitely a well-versed topic. Still, no matter how basic, or rudimentary for that matter, something appears to be: simple never automatically means subtle. Tomorrows Tulips’  Alex Knost and … [Read more...]