Magnetic Ghost – Loss Molecules

Out of the great open spaces of the Midwest comes Magnetic Ghost, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Larson.  In the tradition of hypnotizing lo-fi acts like Low and Flying Saucer Attack, Magnetic Ghost haunts the senses with droning, expansive, and looming compositions that veer from quiet … [Read more...]

Band & The Beat – “Straight & Narrow” b/w “Jimmy’s Jam”

Band & The Beat is the husband and wife team of Tracy and James Tritten who create lo-fi yet pleasantly alluring dream-pop that caresses the ears with percolating electronics, bright extended synth washes, drum machines, and Tracy’s soft light vocals. Tracy was formerly known as Tracy Shedd, an artist on the Teen Beat and New Granada record … [Read more...]

Isnaj Dui – Dioptrics

A singular quality of the great, maverick World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer was to make the complexity of his games appear effortless. In displays of near-Mozartian simplicity all of his moves seemed to happen exactly ‘just in time’, entirely belying the inherent intellectual and creative oomph necessary to achieve such a high level of play. To … [Read more...]

Oliver Wilde – Red Tide Opal In The Loose End Womb

Last year’s debut album from the Bristol-dwelling Oliver Wilde - A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears - was part of a snowballing word-of-mouth story that gave an initially reticent artist a quick leg-up without the need to compromise.  With his promising presence logged extensively across the worlds of old and new media, a slew of live … [Read more...]

Chad VanGaalan – Shrink Dust

Chad VanGaalan’s new opus Shrink Dust plays out like the hybrid child of Bright Eyes and Father John Misty. Mr. VanGaalan’s voice is definitely a descendant of the Oberstian warble, while his material circles more towards the esoteric. The Calgary born songwriter sites The Flying Burrito Brothers as a major influence for this release, and doesn’t … [Read more...]

Keel Her – self-titled

With a home-recording productivity rate to rival Robert Pollard, the prolific Brighton-based Rose Keeler-Schäffeler has furnished the musical world with a large body of work in a relatively short space of time.  Until now though, her output under the Keel Her alias has been scattered across Soundcloud streams, Bandcamp downloads, limited edition … [Read more...]

Acid Fast – Rabid Moon

Somewhere about a half-decade after punk-rock went mainstream, a renaissance of sorts took place. Where bands like Green Day, NOFX, The Offspring, et al had saturated the market with their fuck-all ethos – a new crop of upstarts sought to marry their well-worn four-chord propulsion with a little more intellect, a little less angst, and a bit more … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – English Little League

With 2012’s trilogy of LPs from the reformed ‘classic-era’ Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard undoubtedly exceeded expectations for the band’s recording comeback.  The challenge for 2013 is to prove that the GBV reunion is no fleeting detour from his other projects but a living, breathing and ongoing entity.  Pollard has also set the productivity bar … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 EPs

Blood Red Shoes – Water EP Laura-Mary and Steven muddy the waters with a harder, fuzzed-out sound on their latest EP, an emphatic nod to hard rock and garage rock styles.  The inherent exuberance and defiance found on their earlier output is bogged down on Water by a sludgy sonic brew … [Read more...]

Q&A with Grave Babies

Hiya Danny!  Your new album Crusher is out in late February and it’s your debut for the Sub Pop sub-division Hardly Art.  You’ve previously released a cassette/vinyl album, a 7” single, and an EP on other labels.  How did you end up with Hardly Art? Hardly Art put out our last release which was our EP and the 7" ("Pleasures") before that as … [Read more...]