Interview with Katie English (Isnaj Dui)

A founder member of neo-classical outfit littlebow, bucolic miniaturists The Sly And Unseen and part of Antipodean-gothic traders The Doomed Birds Of Providence, the Wire beloved composer/flautist Katie English is best known for her sequence of innovative and stealthily genre-busting instrumental albums in her guise of Isnaj Dui. Released on the … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#49 (littlebow’s Katie English on Hidden)

Katie English (littlebow, Isnaj Dui, The Doomed Bird Of Providence) on… These New Puritans’ Hidden (Angular Recording Corporation / Domino, 2010) I first came across These New Puritans through my little brother, who played me a few tracks off their first album Beat Pyramid.   A pretty neat collection of at times sparkly, at times slightly … [Read more...]

Isnaj Dui – Dioptrics

A singular quality of the great, maverick World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer was to make the complexity of his games appear effortless. In displays of near-Mozartian simplicity all of his moves seemed to happen exactly ‘just in time’, entirely belying the inherent intellectual and creative oomph necessary to achieve such a high level of play. To … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#43 (Keiron Phelan on The Psychomodo)

Keiron Phelan on… Cockney Rebel’s The Psychomodo (EMI, 1974) There was always something gloriously ‘wrong’ about (the first incarnation of) Cockney Rebel. Like a misbegotten romance between a kohl-eyed hippie chick and a suedehead, Rebel existed in a world of musical contradictions and unlikelihood. Their flint eyed, silver haired, bowler … [Read more...]

Tyneham House – self-titled

Although the Second Language label has certainly embraced pan-European creativity across its catalogue to date, arguably its collective character has been defined predominantly by a distinctively English sense of mystery, invention, history and eccentricity.  This thankfully has not presented itself in jingoistic small-minded traditionalist forms … [Read more...]