Last Harbour – Lights

Given their involvement in other musical operations (brave timbers, Anna Kashfi, Samson & Delilah), demanding day-jobs (including running Little Red Rabbit Records) and geographical dispersal, it’s somewhat remarkable that the members of Last Harbour continue to be so prolific and committed over ten years down the line.  It’s also gratifying … [Read more...]

FAO#28 (Cornershop, Fredrik and Samson & Delilah)

Although one-off singles and EP oddments were the original impetus behind this on/off/on column, albums have continued to rule the review-writing roost.  Despite assertions that the album is a dying art form there seem to be more of them than ever released week-upon-week, with barely any seasonal breaks.  Digital downloads also promised to kill off … [Read more...]

Fuzzy Lights – Twin Feathers

With such instant progeneration through the musical conduits of the internet, the pressure on uncommercial fledgling acts to deliver definitive statements early on is perhaps equally as heavy as when major labels expect instant ‘hit’ status for an opening release from mainstream music peddlers.  Thus, it still falls to relatively old-fashioned … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#14 (Lazarus Clamp’s Michael Larkin on The Mekons Rock ‘N’ Roll)

Michael Larkin (Lazarus Clamp) on… Mekons – The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll (Blast First, 1989) I first heard the Mekons when I recorded one of their John Peel sessions from the radio [1]. The songs were from the The Mekons Honky Tonkin’-era (though they weren’t all on that record).  I was particularly obsessed with one of these songs, which, at … [Read more...]

Fuzzy Lights – Helm EP

Although Fuzzy Lights’ 2008 debut LP, A Distant Voice, was certainly an impressive introduction, its somewhat austere and inconclusive character didn’t welcome as many return visits as it first seemed open to.  However, this newly-cut 4-track EP does feel like a far more engaging and welcoming creature, even if it comes with the disclaimer of being … [Read more...]

FAO#23: Little Red Rabbit Records (Lazarus Clamp, Anna Kashfi & Last Harbour)

At a time when many record labels are folding, restructuring or simply losing the plot in the unforgiving digital age, it’s relieving and comforting to find a relatively new one that is steadily expanding, broadening horizons and - most crucially of all - delivering never-less-than-interesting or lovingly-packaged musical artefacts.  Since its … [Read more...]

Samson & Delilah – s/t

As the noughties seem to be evaporating somewhat prematurely, so does the enthusiasm for the folk-rock revival that characterised the dawn of the decade.  Whilst wormholes back to late-‘60s/early-‘70s folk-centric revivalism - opened on respective sides of the Atlantic by Devendra Banhart and James Yorkston - may never close fully, the … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #8

With the traditional summertime slowdown in essential new releases having kicked-in, after an exceptionally busy spring, it’s been a good opportunity for this writer to step-back ahead of the autumnal assault of fresh (or reheated) musical product. That said however, there are still a few intriguing things that need to be drawn into the reviewing … [Read more...]