Jen Stratosphere Fanzine’s Top 10 Songs of 2011

This was originally going to be a Top 3 list, but I couldn’t resist doing a Top 10 instead.  Too much joy to spread around this year! 10.  Meringue & Malice – “Christmas Covered in Candy” Leslie Dallion and Ryan Breegle, formerly the duo The Loligags (on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records out of Athens, Georgia), are back as Meringue … [Read more...]

Interview with Princess Chelsea

Hello Princess Chelsea – Your debut album Lil’ Golden Book in on the New Zealand label Lil Chief Records and is out in the U.S. on September 6th. Has it been released already in other countries or online? At the moment those are the two official release dates. However, fans from other countries can purchase the album online direct from Lil' … [Read more...]

Princess Chelsea – “The Cigarette Duet” video

A poker-faced Princess Chelsea and guest vocalist Jonathan Bree of The Brunettes remain coolly impassive throughout “The Cigarette Duet” as they sit rather stiffly side by side in a wood-paneled sauna, their sunglasses obscuring any inner reflection.  A half-immersed guitar slowly glides by with apéritifs perched on its surface and Princess Chelsea … [Read more...]

The Brunettes – Paper Dolls

Packaged in between different staples of what pop music is are The Brunettes. A twee pop duo consisting of Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield, they’ve always consistently offered up a delicious amount of head-nodding music. And while it isn’t entirely dramatic or for that matter experimental, it’s always been directly channeling. New Zealand has a … [Read more...]