Q&A with Teen Daze

Hello Jamison!  It’s so wonderful to get the chance to connect with you over your blissfully euphoric album All Of Us, Together.  Your latest release is the melancholic and introspective The Inner Mansions, but what first caught my ear was the tune “Treten” from All Of Us, Together. Your sound has morphed from when you first started out.  Early … [Read more...]

Interview with Bobby D of Low Sea

Hi Bobby D! It’s quite nice to get to chat with you about your recent mini-album The Light, what’s in store for you next, and to also dig a bit into your past and ask about your debut album Las Olas which was released in February 2010. I was really taken by your atmospheric mini-album The Light which envelops the listener with its dark, … [Read more...]

Tape Deck Mountain – Secret Serf EP

Tape Deck Mountain's first release, 2009's Ghost album, met with mixed reviews and was criticised on several levels. 'Lacking rhythmic structure' 'unfocused', 'vaguely amorphous', were just some of the criticisms the San Diego band found themselves on the receiving end of and I need to admit that I haven't heard their album. I will make a point of … [Read more...]

Woodsman – Rare Forms

Woodsman are obscurantists, and doubtlessly proud of the fact. I had to look up the filmmaker Stan Brakhage, whom Woodsman cite as a significant influence on their work, and I mean I'd never even suspected the existence of Stan Brakhage, let alone that a quartet of electro percussive improvisers and experimentalists from Denver would consider … [Read more...]