Tymon Dogg – Made Of Light

"It was in New York. I had speakers the size of a wall...They [The Clash] came into my apartment and shoved a tape into my machine. It was "Lose This Skin"...suddenly thunder and lightning erupted all over the city...it was one of those great moments...all the forces came down into that room." I read this quote from the PR that accompanies the … [Read more...]

Electric Shepherd – The Imitation Garden

The cover of The Imitation Garden might lead the CD buyer to expect any number of things. Soporifically harmonic artfolk, abrasive electronica, densely performed ambient soundscaping - you may hear elements of all of these at various moments throughout the album but at its centre, Electric Shepherd's debut full length release is a Heavy Rock album, … [Read more...]

Innes Sibun – The Box Set

Perhaps Innes Sibun isn't a really familiar name to very many people. As an accomplished sideman playing alongside musicians whose credits listings include backing Bob Dylan, George Thorogood, and Ten Years After amongst others, also one whose extensive touring background has seen his band opening shows for headliners such as Taj Mahal, Johnny … [Read more...]

Them Crooked Vultures – Them Crooked Vultures

The idea of Them Crooked Vultures sounded too good to be true. How could one take frontman Joshua Homme and reconnect him with the awesome drumming of Dave Grohl? But even with them two, they decided to also throw in Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones to play bass, for good measure. And yes, we’re talking about Jones, who was the bassist for one of the … [Read more...]