Interview with the Smittens

Hi guys and gals!  It’s the bees knees to be doing this interview with you all as we await with great anticipation the release of your new album Believe Me on July 23rd via Fika Recordings.  You’ve been quite busy bees (Sorry for all the bee references!  I know Holly dislikes bees and I feel the same way about their pointy ends!) over the past … [Read more...]

Del Rey – Immemorial

The first thing you notice looking at the titles of Del Rey’s latest release Immemorial; you get a sense of quirkiness and passion for what they do, so it does not diminish the overall feel of the music by adding a bit of levity to the titles of the tracks. An album containing song names ranging from “E Pluribus Unicorn” and “These Children That … [Read more...]

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

Gorilla Manor is the debut album for L.A. based Local Natives. They have been gaining momentum since their album released in February and don’t seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon. They have reached # 3 on the New Artist Chart section of the Billboard 200. Gorilla Manor consists of twelve very intricate and charming songs. The … [Read more...]

Gemma Ray – “100mph (in 2nd Gear)”

Gemma Ray already has one album under her belt, The Leader (released in the U.K. in 2008), and she'll soon be releasing her sophomore effort, Lights Out Zoltar!  (which is already out in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).  Oft-compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Duffy for her retro musical and vocal style, Gemma sounds like neither, staking … [Read more...]