A.R.C. Soundtracks – DERELICTION​/​/​MIRROR

Although the geographically-scattered and now hiatus-prone Last Harbour appear to have been supplanted by A.R.C. Soundtracks as the primary vehicle for shared co-founders David Armes and Kevin Craig, it’s certainly not restricted the twosome’s creative range. Quite the contrary in fact, as this third even deeper-reaching album attests.  In our … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#46 (Brave Timbers’ Sarah Kemp on The Night Is Advancing)

Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers) on… Appendix Out’s The Night Is Advancing (Drag City, 2001) I first got to hear of Appendix Out through a boyfriend I had at the time, around when I was about 19 or 20 years old. We were listening to bands like Low, the Dirty Three, Will Oldham and his Palace stuff, and I guess it was maybe because Appendix Out … [Read more...]

A.R.C. Soundtracks – Archive: Volume One

As Last Harbour have been the flagship band for Manchester’s Little Red Rabbit Records, it’s appropriate that fledgling sister imprint Little Crackd Rabbit should properly find its wings with a side-project featuring the group’s co-founders, David Armes and Kevin Craig.  Fitting the new label’s self-proclaimed dark, improvisational and experimental … [Read more...]

FAO#27 (Brave Timbers & Amiina)

The language of musical analysis is rife with clichés, contradictions and confusion.  Whilst it’s often claimed that a ‘less is more’ approach bears some of the greatest fruit, the hypothesis comes unglued when thinking of the layered and laboured-over studio triumphs of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Serge Gainsbourg and many others.  … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#14 (Lazarus Clamp’s Michael Larkin on The Mekons Rock ‘N’ Roll)

Michael Larkin (Lazarus Clamp) on… Mekons – The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll (Blast First, 1989) I first heard the Mekons when I recorded one of their John Peel sessions from the radio [1]. The songs were from the The Mekons Honky Tonkin’-era (though they weren’t all on that record).  I was particularly obsessed with one of these songs, which, at … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Music And Migration

In these dizzying days of digital deluge, multi-artist compilations are sometimes considered an endangered species.  All after, if you can so easily pick ‘n’ mix your existing music collection and new purchasing choices, why might you need someone else to foist their own selection upon you?  But when the choice is so vastly infinite, the choosing … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #8

With the traditional summertime slowdown in essential new releases having kicked-in, after an exceptionally busy spring, it’s been a good opportunity for this writer to step-back ahead of the autumnal assault of fresh (or reheated) musical product. That said however, there are still a few intriguing things that need to be drawn into the reviewing … [Read more...]