Short Takes on Three Albums

Club 8 – The People’s Record Labrador Records Johan Angergård is a musical multi-tasker extraordinaire – as head of Labrador Records in Sweden and as a member of the bands Acid House Kings, Club 8, and The Legends.  Club 8 is actually a duo consisting of Johan and vocalist Karolina  Komstedt (formerly of Poprace) and … [Read more...]

Interview with Johan Angergård

Hello Johan!  It’s so fine ‘n’ dandy to be doing this interview with you.  You have a long and prolific history in the music field, forming the band Acid House Kings with your brother Niklas and Joakim Ödlund in 1991, starting the duo Club 8 with Karolina Komstedt in 1995, and creating The Legends in 2003.  In 2001 you also founded Labrador Records … [Read more...]

The Legends – Over And Over

Anyone who names his or her band The Legends has serious delusions of grandeur or is perhaps taking the piss.  Luckily for Swedish mastermind Johan Angergård (member of Acid House Kings and Club 8, as well as founder of Labrador Records), his project is much closer to sonic grandeur than failure.  Melodic and sweet pop hooks are oftentimes laden … [Read more...]