Whale Fall – “The Dawn Thief”

Whale Fall, the instrumental post-rock band from L.A., California, is set to release its sophomore opus, The Madrean, this spring and the cinematic atmosphere that emanates from this album evokes the grandeur of the panoramic landscapes of the Madrean, a region that exists between the southwest of the U.S. and the northwest of Mexico.  It’s a vast … [Read more...]

No Age – Everything In Between

In a musical universe where most of the notable movers and shakers are leaning heavily (and without shame) on Auto-Tune software and slick production techniques to move whatever units they can, the undeniably scrappy yet hypnotic pastiche of noise-rockers No Age is something of a marvel.  While drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy … [Read more...]

Interview with The Happy Hollows

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hey there!  How is everything going?  You must be gearing up for the October 6th release of your debut album Spells.  Can you go into the line-up of the band and what the process was like to create your first album? Charlie:  Hey! Everything is going great, thanks. The line up is Sarah Negahdari on guitar and vocals, … [Read more...]