Interview with Angèle David-Guillou

Four years on from the elegantly grand piano-led compositions that comprised her given-name debut album Kourouma, the French-born London-based Angèle David-Guillou - formerly of Piano Magic and song-based solo alias Klima - returns with the rhythmically fascinating, melodically accomplished and simply rather beautiful En Mouvement on the Village … [Read more...]

Silver Servants – self-titled

The collection of artists that have made up the Second Language roster since the label’s inception in 2009 have never shied away from collaboration or exploring shared ideas, whether it be through a myriad of themed compilations or via the direct intermingling of musicians across separate albums.  This new - but long-in-the-works - project takes … [Read more...]

Angèle David-Guillou – Kourouma

Having come out from underneath the shadow of Piano Magic with 2010’s kaleidoscopic dream-pop suite Serenades & Serinettes - her second LP as Klima - Angèle David-Guillou returns here on another solo trip.  Working under her own name this time around, having chosen to keep Klima as a vocal-led and collaborator-birthed project, this new detour … [Read more...]

Piano Magic – Heart Machinery: A Piano Magic Retrospective 2001 – 2008

The unveiling of this second volume of Piano Magic singles, EP cuts and sundry extra-curricular pieces comes with the news that the band - which began way back in 1996 - may have amicably called it a day, for at least an extended indefinite hiatus.  Whilst many long-time devotees of Glen Johnson’s forever-evolving London-based but internationalist … [Read more...]

Richard Moult – Yclypt / Various Artists – End Of A Season

Although the release rate of Second Language’s subscription-led enterprise has slowed a little in pace during 2012 - perhaps partly to give larger-scale releases like Piano Magic’s Life Hasn’t Finished With Me Yet a little more room to reach out beyond core label aficionados - there is certainly no drop in the care and attention that goes into each … [Read more...]

Piano Magic – Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

With 2009’s Ovations (the last official Piano Magic album if we exclude 2010’s self-revisiting limited edition Home Recordings) Glen Johnson and co. had arguably taken Piano Magic's most electric guitar-driven phase to a logical end. Hence, in the spirit of the band’s cyclical ritual for reinvention - that has expanded and sustained Piano Magic’s … [Read more...]

Second Language Records unveils Vertical Integration compilation

Newly-released on self-proclaimed ‘boutique’ label, Second Language, is a second multi-artist compilation (following on from the Music And Migration collection released earlier this year), entitled Vertical Integration. Currently en route to existing 2L subscribers and available direct from the label (with limited quantities likely to become … [Read more...]

Piano Magic – Ovations

With Glen Johnson increasingly and rewardingly immersed in his new solo career through this year’s sublime Details Not Recorded album and the cherishable cassette-only Institutionalized EP, his electronically-slanted Textile Ranch experimentations and his must-read Anything But Silence blog, it’s perhaps no surprise that he’s taken so long to lead … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #20

No introductory thematic connection-making spiel this time around, just some notes on three semi-obscure oddments that might otherwise slip through the net, fall through the cracks, go under the radar, get lost in the crowd, slip overboard, become needles in haystacks... yadda yadda yadda.             Glen Johnson - … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #16

The need for a constructive and creative break from the strictures of a bill-paying 'day-job' has spawned the beginnings of innumerable bands.  But what if your band has become the 'day-job'?  Well, then maybe you require an old-fashioned side-project to let steam off outside the confines of democratic compromise or to tackle something your regular … [Read more...]