Soundpool – Mirrors in Your Eyes

One of the many aspects about Kim Fields’ voice – and the most obvious one for that matter – is that it sounds softly hushed while still maintaining a breathy lushness that matches her band’s music fittingly well. Soundpool aren’t so much another electronic group because in essence, this is a true band making some gripping, terrific music. While … [Read more...]

Ceremony – Rocket Fire

Do you ever get into those heated debates, the kinds that quickly turn into arguments, about the best decade for music? People will always be biased towards whatever specific time they grew up in and it never seems to get anywhere. Craig Finn says 1977 was the best year in rock and roll, James Murphy wrote that the 80s are mostly forgotten, I … [Read more...]

Soundpool – “But It’s So” 7″

When you’ve been declared by an astounding musician like Ulrich Schnauss as “The best fucking band in the world!” then you’ve got, at least, a few things going for you. But other than just a glowing quote like that, Soundpool also have plenty of tools in their arsenal. Music that is built around Kim Field’s sweetly lush vocals, they make the kind … [Read more...]

Ceremony – “Someday” 7″

There’s much to be said about bands that break-up and go on to form other bands. One that stands out for me – mostly because they are/were a local band – is At the Drive-In. They’re still responsible for what many consider to be one of the best albums of 2000, Relationship of Command. These break-ups can leave fans waiting for more and ultimately, … [Read more...]

Single from Soundpool’s upcoming album

Genre-bending NY-based 5-piece make their Killer Pimp debut with a limited 7" single on Jan. 26th: "But It's So" (single edit) "Makes No Sense" "But It's So" Classic pop songwriting fused with hard driving disco backbeats... hooky bass lines... layered, shoegazey guitars and … [Read more...]

New album from Marc Nguyen Tan of Colder

Marc Nguyen Tan (of Colder) breaks his silence on January 26th with Scratoa! debut. Listen to "Part 5": Live en San Antón is the result of a three day session of improvised music committed by Marc Nguyen and Guillaume Ollendorff recorded in the barrio San Antón, in the southern … [Read more...]

Ulterior – Kempers Heads

When's the last time you considered industrial music? Don't think too long - it's probably been a while. Quite alright, because you may have a reason for mental resurrection. Ulterior is a leather-and-drum machines London group and Kempers Heads, released on the same label that launched A Place to Bury Strangers, collects their first two UK-only … [Read more...]