Prizzy Prizzy Please – Chroma Cannon

Prizzy Prizzy Please walk a fine line. Superficially they’re a blog-ish bunch of effect-pedal scientists, similar to some of most heralded acts of the aughties (No Age, Lightning Bolt.) But at their core, they’re a straight-shooting, undisguised rock band - a real rock band – one that garnishes their songs with empowering solos and more than a … [Read more...]

CJ Boyd – Aerial Roots

Aerial Roots comes out of the gates on “Everytime I Don the Ski Mask”  with a soft bass figure, one note repeated that sounds more like an acoustic guitar anchored by a low end buzz. Not knowing CJ Boyd from Adam, I figured at about 8 or 16 measures in, a band would pop in with crisp drums and some sort of riffage. Boy was I wrong. Instead, the … [Read more...]

Marmoset – Tea Tornado

In the body that is pop music, Marmoset is a dislocated middle finger. The Indiana-based trio's anemic pop can be a little unsightly for most listeners, and it leaves light headed music critics resigned to adjectives like "weird" or "unique". Tea Tornado, Marmoset's newest effort, continues the band's 14 year tradition of making poorly sung, lazily … [Read more...]

Hermit Thrushes – Slight Fountain

Hermit Thrushes sounds like a blender. A blender of modern indie, a little folk influence, and jazz inspired pitch shifts and clumsy arrangements. If this doesn't sound appealing, I don't know what does. At first it does feel disjointed, but what feels off about Hermit Thrushes' latest release Slight Fountian, is ultimately what makes this an … [Read more...]

Push-Pull – Between Noise And The Indians

Sorry, guys. Push-Pull is a disappointing band—third rate, wishy-washy, and uninspired. Between Noise And The Indians starts off interestingly—a little Number 12, a little Cursive—enough hooks to be listenable and enough discord and edge to be hardcore. But after the first couple of tracks, it bottoms out. Starting with the third track, "Fire", … [Read more...]

Valina – A Tempo! A Tempo!

Austrian math rockers Valina bring with them new meaning to the old cliché “power trio.” Bands twice this size would have a difficult time generating the kind of thundering presence felt on A Tempo! A Tempo! But despite the purgative overtones, Anatol Bogendorfer (vocals, guitar), Florian Husbert Huber (bass), and Anselm Dürrschmid (drums) have … [Read more...]

Hi Red Center – Assemble

It’s easy to review an album when you love it, and it’s nearly as easy when you hate it. When you’re unsure, however, even after repeated listens, you’re bound to start a review discussing how hard it is to write. Hi Red Center is tough to categorize, their music tough do describe. And Assemble is an album that can be tough to listen to. That’s … [Read more...]