Chris Brokaw – VDSQ: Solo Acoustic Volume 3

Whilst Chris Brokaw’s collaborative roles, as both a full band member (in Codeine, Come, Pullman et al.) and an on-hire guest-player (for Evan Dando, Steve Wynn, Karate, ad infinitum), have been quite easily definable, his solo career - which began around the turn of the decade - has been far harder to pin-down and pigeon-hole.  Zigzagging through … [Read more...]

Sam Moss – The Moon Tears It Down

If Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was just as virtuosic a guitarist as he is a songwriter, he might’ve left that legendary Wisconsin cabin with a collection of tunes not unlike what Sam Moss has given us on The Moon Tears It Down.  This assemblage of compositions for solo six-string acoustic guitar brings with it the same self-imposed solidarity and DIY … [Read more...]

M Ward – Hold Time

So busy with his extracurricular commitments these days - notably as the male half of She & Him and as a production aide for the likes of Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis - Matt Ward's own solo career almost feels like it's the side-project, not the day-job.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing however; as it has allowed Ward to both develop his muse … [Read more...]