Taxi Wars – Fever

If I begin this review by mentioning that Taxi Wars are mainly the project of former dEUS frontman Tom Barman, then that will divide those of you reading it into two groups; those that have heard the Belgian alt. rock troupe and those that haven't. If I begin it by saying that Fever is essentially a jazz album, then more or less everyone reading … [Read more...]

Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine

For the last five years Tulsa’s own Mark Kuykendall, musician, producer and filmmaker, has overseen a stream of consistently high quality and highly varied ambient/electronica releases on the delightfully below the radar Unknown Tone Records. The Oklahoma polymath’s recent meeting with adept jazz singer, Annie Ellicott, has led to something of a … [Read more...]

Lianne La Havas – Blood

When Prince died on April 21st, he left behind an enormous legacy of influence. Traces of his flamboyant performance, meticulous album-crafting, and dynamic musicality can be found in artists from D’Angelo to Justin Timberlake. But as integral to Prince’s artistic persona was his ability to create mood -- entire albums that felt sexy, wondrous, … [Read more...]

New Video from Throw Vision

The Brooklyn-based quartet Throw Vision brings together diverse influences - from Debussy to Here We Go Magic, with hints of TV On The Radio and the Dirty Projectors - that are placed neatly atop soulful pulses of R&B and jazz, but with an element of shoegaze as well. The band has performed regularly throughout the NYC and New England areas, … [Read more...]

Damir Outloud- Graduation Day

I have been remiss; I’ve been keeping Damir Outloud's Graduation Day, released on GEMA Unit Records, mostly to myself for the last several months, listening to it in-house which is completely unjust. Well, that's not completely true either.  I play it in the car and my young son in the backseat, also listening, shakes an egg filled with tiny beads … [Read more...]

Mulatu Astatke – Sketches of Ethiopia

Mulatu Astatke’s latest recording, Sketches of Ethiopia, is a masterpiece.  Released in 2013 on Harmonia Mundi Jazz Village, Astatke’s infectious talent is finally available to an international audience. Beginning his career as a percussionist, Astatke collaborated with numerous jazz legends such as Duke Ellington. The horn and piano sections on … [Read more...]

Interview with Northern Lights

Hello Jonas, David, Tobias, and Jon!  It’s such a treat to catch up with you all and to find out more about you and your upcoming album.  For those who don’t know, who is in the band and what instruments do you play? Hello Jen! Northern Lights: Well, we're a bunch of guys who want to create something energetic; who want to express ourselves. … [Read more...]

Thundercat – Apocalypse

With “Daylight” one could effortlessly misinterpret Thundercat’s (Stephen Bruner) music as the same kind of electronic music that artists like Hudson Mohawke and Rustie are fashioning: a sort of wonky, sort of grimy but mostly, electronically-refreshing take on beats and synths. Naturally so, it was the lead song off his debut, The Golden Age of … [Read more...]

Henry Fool – Men Singing

I’m the first to admit that jazz rarely appeals to me; I usually find it to be extremely repetitious, stagnant, and uninvolving. However, every once and awhile I come across an album that challenges my expectations with its inventive exploration, colorful timbres, and exceptional variety. Case in point: Men Singing, the newest release by Henry … [Read more...]

Chris Abrahams – Memory Night

To fully appreciate Memory Night wait till it gets dark and find a field to lie in, get up on the roof of a derelict factory or sneak into a deserted theatre, plug your iPod into the PA and sit in the back row as the auditorium fills with the four dark unworldly soundscapes on Chris Abrahams’ third solo release on Room40. Abrahams has long … [Read more...]