Vcheka – Vcheka

Vcheka are a band of mystery and shadowy political discourse. It’s no coincidence that their name resembles that of the first Soviet state secret police. With strange, at times menacing voice samples piercing through a barrage of psychedelic guitar riffs, and obscure song titles like “1919”, these Glasgow experimentalists command to look into the … [Read more...]

Mats/Morgan – The Music or the Money?

There’s a level of genius to how Mats/Morgan combine excellent jazz fusion, classical arrangements, off the wall antics, and extremely weird ideas on The Music or the Money?. However, an album must also be listenable and enjoyable, and that’s where this new reissue of the band’s seminal second album falters. For every moment that makes you … [Read more...]

Mike Pardew – Azul

As is also the case these days with classical music, jazz is trying to find relevancy in a culture that has largely dismissed it as an antiquated genre. Often sadly stereotyped as the music of your parents’ (or more frequently, your grandparents’) generation, “America’s music” continues to be the focus for a niche group of enthusiasts who have … [Read more...]