Samson & Delilah – s/t

As the noughties seem to be evaporating somewhat prematurely, so does the enthusiasm for the folk-rock revival that characterised the dawn of the decade.  Whilst wormholes back to late-‘60s/early-‘70s folk-centric revivalism - opened on respective sides of the Atlantic by Devendra Banhart and James Yorkston - may never close fully, the … [Read more...]

James Yorkston to Release Hand-Drawn Limited Edition Singles

On 3rd August James Yorkston is to release a new single, the limited edition 7" 'Martinmas Time' taken from the forthcoming  'Folk Songs'.   Each 7" comes in it's own unique sleeve - 300 blank sleeves have been sent out by James Yorkston & James Green (aka Big Eyes) to friends and  family to be designed, desecrated & doodled … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #2

Screwing with this column’s formula already, this time around we have a more indirect look at the world of non-album obscurities, as three distinctively different rarities compilations go beneath this scribe’s critical scalpel.             The For Carnation - Promised Works (Touch & Go) Although Slint spawned a sea of … [Read more...]