Wooden Wand – Farmer’s Corner

Although 2011’s Briarwood and 2013’s Blood Oaths Of The New Blues had suggested that James Jackson Toth was seeking to settle Wooden Wand down into a more stable configuration with a more fixed label home at Fire Records, the last year has proved otherwise.  Through some download-only rarities closet clearing at his Bandcamp outlet, the sublime … [Read more...]

Wooden Wand – Blood Oaths Of The New Blues

Whilst it was often fun to hear James Jackson Toth fully let rip a pent-up desire to fuse Springsteen with Crazy Horse on his last ‘official’ Wooden Wand album - 2011’s Briarwood - some of us perhaps preferred the album’s more subtle stripped-down demos appended to the briefly available deluxe edition, wherein the unvarnished songs revealed even … [Read more...]

Wooden Wand – “Perch Modifier”

Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg was the first solo album from Wooden Wand's James Jackson Toth who previously recorded and performed with the now disbanded group The Vanishing Voice. Released on Soft Abuse Records, Toth is an artist whose range stretches from the experimental to psychedelic country-folk. "Perch Modifier" offers a … [Read more...]